Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Last Inspected: October 2012

​The Gamboa Rainforest Resort offers guests a unique experience in Panama.  This hotel is located in an amazing location so close to Panama City but feels like miles into the jungle.  Gamboa Rainforest Resort is a tropical paradise.

Located just 30 minutes from Panama City, Gamboa Rainforest Resort is located near the Soberania National Park Rainforest, on the banks of the Chagres River and Panama Canal.  You’ll feel far from the city.

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​From Gamboa Rainforest Resort, you can easily experience many activities nearby such as a jungle adventure on an aerial tram, take a boat on a guided Monkey tour on the Panama Canal and nearby ecological exhibits.

Gamboa Rainforest Resort accommodations were very comfortable.  The rooms are large with tropical furnishings and great views of the grounds of Soberania National Park and animal watch.  My balcony was really large and had a very comfortable hammock which I did not get to enjoy near enough!  I noted the sign on the door that warned me to keep the door closed at all times - I think because of the possibility of animals like monkeys entering while I’d be gone.  I did note that this is one hotel that did not offer face cloths which is something typical of many hotels in South America.

Internet access is available at the resort for a fee. A gift shop with great local crafts and the usual necessities is available in the lobby as is a great tour desk.  Note that the lobby is open air so when it rains, you’re sheltered but you won’t have air conditioning unless you’re in your room.  

The hotel area is very safe as it’s out of the way but security is on duty 24 hours a day also.

I’d also advise to bring plenty of bug spray.  This is an amazing area to go for early morning walks and because it’s also in the rainy area you will get more showers and more bugs.   You’ll greatly enhance your experience by being prepared and wearing bug repellant.  An umbrella or raincoat will come in handy also. I loved the early morning walks to birdwatch, look for monkeys and also sloths which we saw a few of.  It’s a great area to hike around and I always felt very safe.

Onsite you’ll find a great cascading pool which is enjoyable to relax by.  

This is not an all-inclusive resort or hotel so you’ll be paying for all drinks and food.  The resort offers two restaurants and one bar.  The restaurants I found to be very good.  The lobby bar is appropriately named Monkey Lobby Bar and offers a great open-air view of the National Park. When it rains, it’s the most amazing place to hang out, keep dry and enjoy a drink while watching the rain.  

I loved Gamboa Rainforest Resort - it felt like being in the middle of the jungle!