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Valentin Imperial Maya Resort & Spa Testimonials


We had a delightful week at the Valentin.  All the employees from front desk to grounds keepers were friendly, smiling, and more than eager to see if we needed anything.  We came to the conclusion at the end of the trip that we would opt for that resort rather than flying to Hawaii for our next vacation.  After talking with others on our excursion and shuttle who were staying at other resorts, the Valentin had the best beach and sounded like the best food with seven different cuisines to choose from.  We also felt perfectly safe the entire time. 

We would highly recommend this resort.  Thank you for all the work you did in the arrangements.


Valentin Imperial Maya March 2011


Hi Sharon!  Wow!! Rob and I were totaly impressed with the resort and all of the amenties. We seriously had the time of our lives and will definitely go back.  I just gave your name and information about the resort to my mom as they are planning a Mexican vacation soon. She should be contacting you shortly.  Thanks again for all your help and happy new year.  Sincerely, Wendi

Valentin Imperial Maya January 2011



We had a wonderful time---the resort was more than we had expected and the service was unbelievable.  The grounds are SO lush and beautiful---felt like you were in a tropical paradise--which we were!

The airport shuttle service was efficient and quick, the food was great, and the beach was fabulous. We were given an upgrade so had a swim-up room---worth it even if we would have had to pay for it.  Some of the other resorts that we walked to via the beach had questionable beach fronts--lots of hidden rocks in the water. The Valentin's beach was perfect.  We had planned on doing several excursions but the resort was so nice that we narrowed it down to only one day so we could spend more days on the beach and at the pool.

We did an excursion with Best Day and went to Tulun, ziplined, rapelled and then swam in the caves.  It was excellent----the representative was a little misleading when she said that the water in the caves was waist deep--we had one member who really doesn't swim and the water was deeper--even with the life jackets, he was somewhat uncomfortable.  The water does fluctuate in the cave so she just might have not known.

 I have stayed at the Princess Riviera before and it was extremely nice, also, but the Valentin was a notch even above that.  I hate to sound like an old grouch who hates kids (I am a child psychologist and a grandmother) but it was nice to be at an adult only resort and not hear kids screaming in the pool and crying in the restaurants!  The Princess Riviera had a lot of partying  twenty-somethings also.  There was an obnoxious wedding party at the Valentin who took over a large section of the beach with their hula hoops (you read that right) and party, infringing on the other guests, but no one could have predicted that.  It gave us something to laugh about!

All in all---GREAT place.  We would go back in a heart-beat (and may go next year.)  I am also interested in a place in the Dominican Republic that people referred to as Rio or Riu something.  Keep us on your list for bargains---great job!

Thanks for everything—Maureen

Valentin Imperial Maya March 2011