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Barcelo Los Cabos Trip Review

I had the pleasure of visiting the Barcelo in San Jose del Cabo this February and wished I had come earlier!  This place is amazing!

The lobby is designed to make guests feel like they’re in a boat or better yet, inside a whale with the whale ribs over the lobby desk!  It’s a modern nautical feel and I liked it!  It is a large lobby open to the front to see the desert and open to the back for a magnificent view of the pools and ocean.

This resort has just over 600 rooms and lots of pools, restaurants and activities for everyone.  With over 8 restaurants there’s no problem finding something for everyone.  With 5 pools with lounge chairs and beach area with lounge chairs, there’s also lots of area to sit in the sun or in the shade – finding a resort that offers shade is very important in Cabo especially between March and November when the days are long and hot!

The swim up suites are amazing!  This is the perfect climate for a swim up suites – Cabo is always warm during the day and the sun shines here all the time so I think it would be an exceptional room here especially in the summer.  The rooms are amazing so the combination of being able to enjoy time hanging out so close to your room but still in the water is perfect I think.  These swim up rooms don’t offer privacy in the pool or on your balcony but that is typical of any swim up suite.

I think the neatest gadget in the room is the TV control panel.  There are 2 control panels – one allows you to connect to the internet right from the TV so there’s no need for a laptop and you’ll stay connected.  If you need to download data there is a charge otherwise, it’s just there to use.  The other panel allows you to electronically control the room lights, music, close the curtains, control the air conditioning and more!  All you have to remember is not to forget the remote control before you crawl in to bed and you’re all set!

For kids, the water park is a huge attraction.  There are a good number of rooms in the area of the water park that are saved for families so that you can slip out and play with the kids just outside of your room.  There’s also a kids club right nearby for children to enjoy some indoor time  out of the sun.

And for couples and adults who don’t want to be in the heart of the kids area there is also an adults only section with a pool and service and rooms which is actually on the opposite side of the resort from the kids area.

The spa is the largest in the area and I thought it was very well built – it’s very private and quiet and serene.  With a large waiting area in the center and all of the treatment rooms around the outside, all dimly lit, the décor in earth tones and soft music playing gently in the background, it was definitely relaxing.

I think this is a perfect location for a resort like this.  San Jose del Cabo  is so enjoyable as a town/city.  It’s the town I most enjoy staying in but always wanted better choices of resorts – and this is it!  To get downtown, you can take a taxi, catch the city bus or walk.  Walking is how most of us get downtown – after all, it’s the perfect way to wear off a few pounds from all of  the wonderful Mexican food!

Sharon, February 2012