Hotel Heliconia

Hotel Heliconia Resort and Area Activities

Activities at the Hotel Heliconia and in the Monteverde Cloud Forest area:

Town of Monteverde

In town itself, visitors will find small galleries with both local and international artist work including painting, photography and sculpture among others.  There is also a local women’s arts and crafts cooperative called CASEM that sells a wide variety of hand-painted and embroidered clothing and other souvenirs with profits benefiting the community.

Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Preserve Tour

·      One of Costa Rica’s most diverse natural history walks

·      Positioned atop the Continental Divide extending down both the Caribbean and Pacific slopes

·      Notice huge temperature and humidity changes within a relatively short distance

Night tour in the Ecological Farm

·      Enjoy  a guided two-hour walk where you can hear and enjoy the night sounds in the jungle in a way that is unique to the area and evening.

Day Hiking  Tour in the Ecological Farm

* Enjoy the daytime life at the Ecological Farm where you’ll find a number of animals such as  white-nosed coati, white-faced capuchin monkey, the keel billed toucan and blue crowned mot.

Reptiles and Amphibians Tour

* Discover over 40 species of reptiles insides specially designed terrariums and a significant variety of turtles inside a small artificial island.

Monteverde Bird Watching

·      Monteverde offers excellent bird watching opportunities with over 400 species of birds.  To get the most out of this tour, arrange for a private guide.

Horseback Riding Tour

·      This is a 2 ½ hour tour where you’ll enjoy stunning views, small towns and a coffee, sugar cane and banana plantation.

Jeep Boat Jeep Transfer Tour

Enjoy a relaxing boat trip on Arenal lake where you’ll see the natural landscape and numerous water birds.  In this transfer, you will witness the transition from rain forest in the Arenal region to cloud forest in the Monteverde region.

Town tour

·      Learn how the Quakers settled the Monteverde area. Visit local cheese factory, coffee plantation, woodcraft factory and art gallery.

Selvatura Butterfly Garden Tour

·      Enjoy Central America’s largest collection of 50 species of exotic butterflies

Selvatura Canopy Tour

·      This is one of the safest and most thrilling adventures!  14 platforms along 1.8 miles connected by stainless steel cables where you will zip along the jungle treetops.

Selvatura Walkways Tour

* 8 bridges with different lengths span 2400 feet of bridge length and cross through altitudes of up to 240 feet – for an up close view of the rainforest flora, fauna and wildlife.