Costa Verde

Costa Verde Restaurants and Bars

Costa Verde Bars & Restaurants:

Anaconda Restaurant

·      Popular restaurant features jungle and ocean views

·      Specializing in Costa Rican foods featuring fresh fruits and seafood in dishes

·      Also offers International dishes

·      Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

La Cantina Barbecue Restaurant

·      This unique old railroad car venue is a bar, restaurant, disco and sports bar all in one

·      Located across the street from the hotel entrance

·      Features seafood, chicken, steaks and ribs done on an open wood fire

·      Features live music featuring reggae from 7 to 11 pm nightly

·      Internet café also available

Restaurant El Avion

·      Latest addition to Costa Verde

·      A bar and restaurant featuring informal dining

·      Enjoy spectacular sunsets with great food and live music

The story behind El Avion Restaurant & Bar

El Avion Restaurant is housed in a Fairchild C-123 which was abandoned at the San Jose International Airport after the Sandinista strike on its sister plane in 1986.  Both Fairchild C-123s were purchased by the CIA and were part of a grand cover up playing a part in the Iran-Contra Affair. After one was shot down in the air over Nicaragua, the CIA scandal was uncovered and the second Fairchild abandoned in Costa Rica. In August 2000 Costa Verde purchased the C-123 and had it shipped to it’s current spot across the street from the hotel where guests can enjoy food and drinks and listen to stories of the plane’s colorful Cold War past.