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February 5, 2014

Sandals Whitehouse Review By Sharon Moormann - Luxurious Adult All Inclusive Resort in Jamaica

​This Sandals Whitehouse review is made for all Jamaica lovers! In October, 2013, I spent 5 glorious days at Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa with a group of other agents and business owners.  This was my second stay at Sandals Whitehouse and I will say I still love the resort.

Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa is located on the south coast of Jamaica around 90 minutes from the Montego Bay Airport. The road is long and not in great shape and anyone who knows Jamaica knows how crazy the driving can be but I would say just sit back, watch the scenery and let the driving to the professionals and you’ll be just fine.  Note about the drive:  If you get motion sickness only take private transfers so you can sit in the front and have a vehicle vs a bus.  Sandals offers free transfers but also offer private transfers for an extra cost – they’re well worth it.  If you are hungry and feel like some very authentic Jamaican food, ask your driver to stop at one of the roadside restaurants and grab some Jerk chicken or pork – you will not regret it!

Once you arrive at Whitehouse, if you are not in Concierge or Butler suites, you will check-in in the main lobby and be taken to your room. If you are in a Concierge Suite, you will be taken to the Concierge building and your check in will be taken care of there.  If you are in a Butler suite, your Butler will check you in in your room.

There are a number of room categories but the main thing to remember is that there are 3 sections to Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa.  

The French Village is located farthest from the lobby.  These rooms are the entry level rooms and while ocean view, not all directly ocean view.  This is the more active section of the resort.  This is where the activity pool is located and also Bluebeard’s Restaurant where you’ll find the best Jerk chicken and patties for lunch!

The Dutch Village is located in the middle of the resort making it a quiet location not on the outside of the resort but not right beside the entertainment or European Village area.  

The Italian Village is the nearest to the lobby, shops and plaza and the closest in walking location to almost everything.  

As far as views, they’re just all good in my opinion but likely Italian Village and an upper floor would be prime location!

What room types are available:  Briefly without getting into all of the differences, if you don’t have a Concierge or Butler level room, you will not have bathrobes, liquor in your mini bar, bottles of liquor, wine, champagne, room service and turn-down service.

Praising the staff in my Sandals Whitehouse Review:  I can’t say enough about the staff at Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa.  From the top management to the waiters, gardeners and entertainment staff – they’re just wonderful!  

Something you need to know about Tipping:  This is a no tipping resort.  Sandals Resort staff cannot and do not accept tips so even though you may want to, they can’t accept them.  The exception is your Butler.  It is expected to tip your butler.  The amount varies with what your butler does for you but from many I spoke with, it ranges anywhere from $50 to $100 per day per butler.  

How amazing Butlers are:  Many people ask “What does my butler do for me?”  and the answer is – whatever you want them to do!  They will make you dinner reservations, escort you and get you the best table.  They will set up your chairs by the beach and bring you food and beverages all day. They even provide you with a cooler for your refreshments.  They will arrange tours for you. They will take care of special requests, fill your bar with your favorite drinks and most special, if you are celebrating a special occasion or want to create a romantic moment they will do anything you need done to make it the most special occasion.

The beautiful Beach, a huge topic in my Sandals Whitehouse review The beach here is wonderful – as long as you can see and nice and wide – too long and wide to be cluttered with lounge chairs.  You’ll find lounge chairs dotting most of the beach but never in long rows.  Rather, the chairs are spaced nicely so that often you will be sitting on your own.  The beach is private with security on the perimeter. Jamaica is for sure known for its wonderful all inclusive beach resorts.

My excitement about the Water Sports:  There’s a lot to do here!  Snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, glass bottom boat rides, catamaran rides, sailboats, kayaks, water bikes and much more!

Most important topic in my Sandals Whitehouse Review, the Food!!!:  You’ll love the food!  I can’t say I have a favorite except I love Bluebeards for lunch and I always order the Jerk chicken and patties!  For breakfast my favorite is the breakfast buffet – I love the fresh fruit and the coffee.  For dinner, they’re all good – Eleanor’s is one of my favorites.  But you must not forget to have a crepe and coffee at the coffee shop – sit out in the courtyard and just enjoy!

What's with the Entertainment?:  This resort has by far the best evening activities and entertainment than any other that I have experienced.  The European Village is where the restaurants are located and at night, it is lit up and it’s just where everyone gathers.  Entertainment starts early, often with live music or singers and keeps going in some form until wee hours.  If all else, find a spot on a couch by one of the fire pits and grab a drink and your partner and just relax!

Red Lane Spa:  Although you’ll want to spend all of your time on the beach it is well worth it to take out a morning or afternoon and relax and rejuvenate in the spa.

Whether it's a relaxing vacation break from work, a romantic honeymoon or a fun group get away, Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa is an memorable adult all inclusive resort in Jamaica!

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