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December 21, 2013

5 Air Travel Tips For Hassle Free Flights Over The Busy Holidays

5 Air Travel Tips For Hassle Free Flights Over The Busy Holidays

​You want to know about these five air travel tips to make your flights hassle free. No matter if you already are on your way to visit your family, to your dream all inclusive resort,  or just planning a trip for the next holiday season. Flight delays happen anytime and you aren't in control. These travel tips help you to get prepared for the situations professional travels are aware of! Travel is my passion! And I am blessed I could make my passion to my business. I travel and visit all inclusive resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, or Central America on an ongoing base. Read below what I explored that made my travels hassle free over the holidays. Happy to share them with you!

Sharon's Air Travel Tips - Arrive At Your Destination Happy And Cheerful

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Air Travel Tip # 1: Skip The Wrapping

  • Don’t wrap those Christmas presents!!!
  • TSA has the right and usually exercises that right to unwrap and inspect anything that they can’t immediately identify.
  • So if you are packing gifts in your carry on luggage regardless of what they are, pack them with the expectation of having to open them.
  • If you are packing them in your checked luggage, the same applies so be sure to pack so that TSA can easily place them back in luggage.

Check out Air Travel Tip # 2: Are You Taking Food?

  • Before taking any food on a flight, check with TSA and remember that you will still only be allowed 3.4 oz of liquids that fit in one zip lock bag in carry on luggage.
  • Are you going to check that food?  You are still restricted to what you can take with you so check out that list to avoid having it “disappear” from your checked luggage.

Check out Air Travel Tip # 3: What Is With Those Snow Globes?

  • Believe it or not, you still can’t take a snow globe if it’s got over 3 oz. of water inside it in your carry on!

  • So pack them or make sure they’re small!

Check out Air Travel Tip # 4: Arrive Early!

  • Leave plenty of time – extra time on the road and in the airport as traffic will be heavier than normal around the airport and in every line.
  • This is when first class or Priority Clearance will really come in handy. 
  • Lines will be long so allow extra time so you don’t miss your flight because if you do, flights will be full and your delay could be days.

Check out Air Travel Tip # 5: Be Patient!

  • Above all, be as patient as humanly possible.
  • Everyone is in the same position and losing your cool with other passengers or the airline personnel will not get you anywhere faster. 

  • Be patient, smile and say thank you and spread the Holiday cheer!

Safe Travels and Happy Holidays wishing you Sharon Moormann and her all inclusive resorts travel team! Interested to hear more about our all inclusive resort offers? Just fill out our price comparison quote and we are happy to guide you!

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