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December 13, 2013

Secrets Saint James And Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay Reviews - Trip Report

Secrets Saint James And Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay Reviews - Trip Report

In these all inclusive resorts Secrets Saint James and Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay reviews you'll find a lot of information from my trip report I created in October this year as I had the chance to stay at Secrets in Jamaica along with two other travel consultants that I was traveling with.  This was not my first time at Secrets in Jamaica but this time I wanted to come away with a real understanding of these two connected all inclusive resorts. Enjoy my Secrets Saint James and Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay reviews below and please share if there is something else I can help you with!

Sharon at Secrets St. James
Sharon at Secrets St. James

What did I like most about Secrets near Montego Bay in Jamaica?

I liked the closeness of the resorts to the Montego Bay airport.  I loved being here on my last day in Jamaica and having a quick 20 minute ride to the airport.

I liked the adult only all inclusive resort atmosphere.  While we met all age groups here, this is a young, fun yet sophisticated resort.

Great rooms - the resort rooms are spacious and have everything you would want.  They have the secret box for room service delivery, a well-stocked mini bar, lots of room – even the rooms with two queen beds have more than ample space, spacious decks and balconies, comfortable beds, great spacious bathrooms with a very nice Jacuzzi and a wonderful rain shower head in the shower.

I liked the layout of the resort.  It feels small because everything is within a quick walk and yet large because of the layout.

Secrets St. James Pool
Secrets St. James Pool

And the food!  I really enjoyed the food at this Secrets all inclusive resort.  Oh and 24 hour room service in all rooms – who doesn’t love that?

One more thing that I love about Secrets is no wrist bands when you check in.  And no reservations required at the restaurants.  With all of the restaurants located in one area you just go to the restaurant of your choice.  If you change your mind, just slip over to the next one or stop for a drink nearby.  It makes dining so easy and relaxing and that’s what a vacation should be all about!

Was there anything I didn’t enjoy about Secrets?

The poor internet service likely topped the list of my dislikes.  It seemed like different devices had slightly different service but everyone I spoke with had poor internet service.  

The large morning breakfast buffet wasn't my favorite – while the buffet itself was good, it was a really busy restaurant and the only one open for breakfast.  If you don’t like breakfast crowds you may want to

book into the Preferred Club so you can use the private lounge for a quiet breakfast.

The Beach

I would not say this is the best beach in Jamaica but in saying that, there are a number of beach areas which are fine. It’s not perfect but the view is the same gorgeous view you’ll find around Montego Bay.

Difference Between Secrets Saint James And Secrets Wild Orchid Near Montego Bay

What are the differences between staying at Secrets St. James and Secrets Wild Orchid? If you want to stay closer to the restaurants and entertainment, choose Secrets Wild Orchid.  

Choose Secrets Wild Orchid for the best room categories such as the amazing Preferred Club Swim Out Suites and Preferred Club Master Suites with Jacuzzi on the balcony.  

Swim Up Rooms Secrets Wild Orchid
Swim Up Rooms Secrets Wild Orchid

The feel of the two sides is somewhat different. Secrets Wild Orchid offers rich, vibrant colors with dark wood.  Secrets St. James has a brighter more Caribbean feel.

Otherwise I think you’ll enjoy either side as each side uses the facilities of the other interchangeably.

New Features of Secrets Resorts:

You can rent iPads from the resort for $25 per day which I think is a great idea vs bringing your own computer along and these units come equipped with 3G internet, Skype and Magic Jack!

Secrets Wild Orchid Beach
Secrets Wild Orchid Beach
Secrets has the neatest kegs filled with cold water sitting along side the sidewalks at the resort so you’re never without a cold water!

The wooden carvings throughout the resort are done by a resident wood worker. They’re fun and so Jamaican!

The pop up food and drink stations that just “appear” along the sidewalk serving the best jerk pork and chicken or fresh fruit drinks!

If you’re looking for a great adult all inclusive resort near Montego Bay which is young at heart, choose either Secrets St. James or Secrets Wild Orchid!

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