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October 30, 2013

Island Romance – You’ll Find It On Your Isla Mujeres Vacation!

​Ready for your Isla Mujeres vaction? Whether you’re looking for an intimate romantic honeymoon resort or a relaxing beach vacation, the Isla Mujeres island in Mexico is something you should really consider.

What You Can Expect From Your Isla Mujeres Vacation

Isla Mujeres Beach
Isla Mujeres Beach

The Isla Mujeres Island

Isla Mujeres is a small island located just off shore from the mainland so you will fly into Cancun, take a short ride to the ferry dock, board the ferry and within about 30  minutes you’ll dock on Isla Mujeres. 

Isla Mujeres is lovingly known as the Island of the Woman named for the goddess-like statues that were found on the island when it was discovered in 1517.  For centuries the island was only inhabited by fishermen but slowly the island was discovered. 

In 1949 the Mexican Navy base was established.  I’s only been the 40 years that the island has become developed for tourism thus the charm of a sleepy island with new world amenities.

Isla Mujeres All Inclusive Resorts

All Inclusive Resort Choices – Isla Mujeres Palace

On your Isla Mujeres vacation you will find out that all inclusive resorts are limited on Isla Mujeres.  We feature Isla Mujeres Palace all inclusive resort which is located on the sandy shore facing mainland Cancun.  

Isla Mujeres Palace is an couples only and adult only all inclusive resort.  It is small and intimate and offers a relaxing resort vacation but located within easy access of the small downtown for shopping and a base for exploring the island.

Isla Mujeres Palace is only 62 rooms so intimate is key! Because the resort is a small boutique all inclusive offering, you’ll never be in long lines or fighting for a seat.  There is one main restaurant at the all inclusive resort which changes it’s offerings and menu daily. Liquor is top shelf and food is fresh and wonderful.

I think ocean view rooms are a must – the view is amazing as you overlook the ocean and see the lights of the mainland in the distance.  The balconies offered with each room make it the perfect way to start and end each day.

Rooms at Isla Mujeres Palace are all well appointed with each offering a double Jaccuzi, stocked mini bar, king bed or 2 queens, and everything you could wish for.  Room service, free WiFi, bathrobes and all of the extras you want are all included.  

Isla Mujeres Palace
Isla Mujeres Palace

Palace Resort Credits

What more could you add to a really great all inclusive resort package that already offers you everything you could want?  Resort credits so you can experience extra things to make your vacation go over the top!  Resort credits are automatically given to you when you arrive for use during your stay for things like room upgrades (I suggest trying out the Concierge Level! ), spa services (you’re here to relax, right?), tours (a must do even just once!), romantic dinners on the beach (yes!) and much more. The amount of credits you can receive may vary with your length of stay.

What Activities Does Isla Mujeres Offer?

Isla Mujeres is only 5 km long and 3 km wide and offers panoramic views, spectacular sunsets and sunrises, beach, cliffs, sea life and so much more.

I highly recommend renting a golf cart and spending a morning or afternoon driving around the island and exploring it on your own.  It’s a fun yet relaxing way to see the island. Don’t forget to stop at the lighthouse area and park your golf cart and walk out to lands end – it’s a spectacular view!

Shopping Isla Style
Shopping Isla Style
Shopping is fun on Isla Mujeres.  No, it's not a shopping hub of Mexico but if you go to the North Shore you'll find cool vendors set up along the walk to the lighthouse. 

Or head downtown toward the sandy South tip and you'll find lots of shopping - from boutique downtown shops to typical street setups.  You'll find typical Mexican goods and silver...oh and a note on silver - be careful it's stamped .925 and be careful when someone's trying to see you genuine gemstones that are just too cheap...because they probably aren't authentic. 

Remember to negotiate with vendors but in the boutique stores, typically the posted price is what you'll be expected to pay.

Snorkeling at Garrafon National Park is quick and easy and a treat not to be missed.  Diving and snorkeling in this area are great and can be arranged at the resort or from vendors downtown. 

Would you like to swim with the dolphins?  You can do that too on Isla Mujeres!

If you’re looking for a relaxing small island experience you should consider Isla Mujeres.  I think you’ll love it!

Want to find out more details about Isla Mujeres Palace all inclusive resorts? Ask us about our all inclusive resort price comparison package for your best Mexican all inclusive resort vacation. Our experienced all inclusive vacation travel team will provide you your requested information and make sure you receive what you were looking for.

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