Tequila Tales from an All Inclusive Addict
June 19, 2013

A common question:  Why Should I Choose All Inclusive Resorts?

​This is a very common question that many of my first-time customers ask me when we begin planning their precious vacations. 

I think many people look at the total package price which usually includes the cost of all of your food, drinks, entertainment, taxes and tips and see the price as more than they expected.  What many people don’t realize is that seeing your total costs upfront can be a very good thing - but there’s more…read on.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons for Choosing All Inclusive Resorts vs a hotel with European plan.

It’s truly a different vacation experience when you don’t have to even think about money.  If you are traveling with a family this becomes a huge bonus.  

Imagine your day with your children when you never have to say no!  Imagine being able to let the kids run around and play happily while you lounge on a chair by the pool.  

Think of how happy they’ll be to be able to grab an ice cream in the middle of the afternoon or a snack on the go whenever they are hungry without worrying about having to worry

Think of how special they’ll feel when they can have their very own Shirley Temple or virgin Pina Colada with you without you having to y about what these are all adding up to in cost.  

And the advantages of being able to let the kids be free to enjoy the kids club activities and sports activities the resorts have to offer without going out and looking for them or planning ahead.

  1. Ease of budgeting.  Regardless of whether you’re on a tight budget or booking for a luxury resort, it’s nice to know upfront what your costs will be.  
  2. Relaxing.  With all inclusive resorts there’s no need to carry your wallet, sign for your order, think about price…it’s already taken care of for you.  Just sit back and relax and eat and drink at leisure.
  3. Feeling pampered.  It’s a wonderful thing when you’re only concern is what you will order or what part of the beach you will call your own.  Just sit back and let the resort staff wait on you with no cares in the world.
  4. Included activities.  Most resorts have a long list of included activities right on site that are free for your use at your leisure – for those times when you just need to be a bit active.
  5. Convenient.  All inclusive resorts offer so much right on site that you may never want or need to leave.  It’s all laid out for you and you can pick and choose what parts you want to enjoy – whether it’s tennis in the morning, snorkeling in the afternoon or a party in the evening – it’s usually all available right at the resort.

Most Common Concerns When People are Considering All Inclusive Resorts

The most common concern I hear when people aren’t sure all inclusive resorts are right for them is “But I don’t drink liquor”

I get it – not all of us drink alcohol but you still need to drink something!  You’re in a hot, sunny Caribbean location so hydration is a must to prevent heat stroke.  

At an all inclusive resort offers you a huge list of drinks that are not alcoholic and they’ll be free!  If you aren’t at an all inclusive resort you will pay extra for every bottle of water, can of soda, virgin drink, juice, etc that you order so all inclusive is still a good thing!

Then second, I hear “But I want to get off the resort and experience the area”.  Great!  You should get off the resort and explore!  But won’t it be relaxing to have room service deliver you breakfast before you leave or to come back to your resort after an active day and be able to relax to a great sit down dinner and drinks in the bar before retiring to your room?  I think that’s perfect!  The best of both worlds for sure!

Having experienced both all inclusive resorts and hotel room only vacations, I would choose the all inclusive option almost every time simply for the convenience.  The key to the most enjoyable vacation is choosing the right all inclusive resort for you and that’s where we can help.  Call us and allow us to  help you decide.

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