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April 10, 2013

Top 3 All Inclusive Resorts for Snorkelling in Cancun

Top 3 All Inclusive Resorts for Snorkelling in Cancun

  1. Club Med Cancun

Club Med Cancun is the #1 snorkelling spot and really the only good close off shore snorkelling you will find in Cancun on the hotel zone.  In fact, it’s the same reef area that you’ll be taken to for the jungle snorkelling tours!  

What is great about Club Med’s snorkelling area is that you can relax on the beach under one of their palapas then leisurely snorkel any time you like. It’s also the perfect place to teach your children how to snorkel because the water entry is very shallow and you can walk out to where you snorkel in minutes.

In this area, water shoes are a must!  This is reef to beach so you won’t go in this area without water shoes or carefully dancing between rocks and reef.  But it’s a beautiful area.

Club Med offers snorkelling equipment for guest use but I really suggest if you have your own, bring it.  Then you won’t have any time restrictions or limits or worry about returning equipment or the right fit.   Having your own at this resort makes good sense.

Club Med Cancun is one of the best family resorts for active families in Cancun.  All activities are on site – you have non-motorized water sports, motorized water sports, lots of land activities as well as the amazing snorkelling. And an added bonus for families with small children is that Club Med offers child care for all ages of children – some fees apply for babies and small children.

Check out Club Med here: http://www.sunseekersvacations.com/cancun-vacation-packages/club-med-cancun/

  1. Akumal Beach Resort

Akumal Beach Resort is a small, Mexican all inclusive resort with an emphasis on friendliness and service.  It’s small and quaint and pretty.  If you’re a beach-loving person who really needs to kick back and wants a warm, homey resort, you should look very closely at this little resort.

Akumal Beach Resort is located about over an hour from Cancun in a small sleepy fishing village with amazing snorkelling.  This is the only all inclusive resort on the beach walking distance from snorkelling.  

The most unique part of snorkelling at Akumal Beach are the turtles.  This is a large turtle breeding area and it is very common to see turtles while swimming as well as other fish and sea life.  And you can swim and snorkel freely whenever you like.

Again, I suggest bringing your own snorkel gear so that you an go out and swim or snorkel any time you like and then you also have your own gear that fits well.

Check out Akumal Beach Resort here: http://www.sunseekersvacations.com/mayan-riviera-vacation-packages/akumal-beach-resort/

  1. Barcelo Maya Resorts complex

Many choose which Barcelo Maya complex based on price but if price is not the most important criteria in your selection, you really should consider Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe because it’s a very nice property and considerably newer than the rest of the resort. A bonus of staying at the Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe section is that you have access to all other sections whereas only guests of the Palace have access to the Palace section.

Barcelo Maya offers a great complex of resorts on the Mayan Riviera in the Xpu-ha area which means great beach!  This area is one of the better beach areas on the Mayan Riviera.  

The best snorkelling area is by the Barcelo Maya Palace.  This is a long stretch of beautiful beach which in most areas is perfectly sandy with gorgeous ocean.  In some areas you will find rocks and reef close by the shore making it easy to explore.  

The best white sandy beach area begins with the Barcelo Maya Beach section and as you progress down to the Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe section at the north end of the resort, the beach gets rockier so you have the best of both worlds!

Check out Barcelo Maya Resorts here: http://www.sunseekersvacations.com/mayan-riviera-vacation-packages/barcelo-maya-resorts/

While other resorts have snorkelling, these would be my top three recommendations for very good family resorts and a bonus of great snorkelling right on site!

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