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December 29, 2012

Riviera Art Gallery, Playa del Carmen

Riviera Art Gallery, Playa del Carmen

I just came across what appears to be a wonderful art gallery in Playa del Carmen.  

I love Playa del Carmen.  It’s a small fishing town now turned into a very popular bustling city.

Personally I still think Playa del Carmen holds a ton of charm.  I simply love being able to stay at a bit of pampering luxury in a beach-front all-inclusive resort and sneak out at night and wander around or shop on 5th Ave.  I love to slip off onto a side street in search of a neat local shop, gallery or if nothing else, a road side taco stand but with the city growing, I’m finding it harder to find “unique”.

When I came across the Riviera Art Gallery web site I was very excited - it’s unique AND gorgeous! http://www.rivieraartgallery.com/

While I have not have the pleasure of searching through this gallery yet I fully intend to do so on my next trip to Playa del Carmen.

It looks to me like you could purchase the artwork online but there’s something wonderful about looking at every piece and bringing home the one that really sings to you!

The Riviera Art Gallery is located on 20th Street just between the beach and 5th Ave.  so if you’re staying at the all-inclusive Royal in Playa del Carmen or the all-inclusive Gran Porto Real you’re just minutes away!  Check it out!

A note about purchasing art while on vacation:  From experience, there’s no better souvenir than a beautiful piece of art or pottery from your vacation spot.  I’ve purchased art from numerous galleries and had the gallery ship them to my home. They’ve all arrived in perfect condition except for a large piece of pottery that UPS packaged and shipped.  Every gallery piece has arrived perfectly as scheduled so don’t let that stop you from bringing a great piece home. 


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