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November 15, 2012

Why Club Med Cancun All-Inclusive Resort?

Why Club Med Cancun All-Inclusive Resort?

5 top reasons why I would recommend all-inclusive Club Med Cancun:

 The best snorkeling beach in Cancun

 Great variety of activities

 Unique location

 Great kids club activities for all children of all ages

 GO staff members


Club Med offers as part of it’s all inclusive program, snorkeling right off the beach.  Guests are supplied with top quality equipment as well as a staff member lifeguard and activities director.  So guests just check out equipment and you’re off into the ocean for some of the best shallow water snorkeling you’ll find anywhere in this area.  This is the shoreline reef area that the jungle tours and many snorkeling trips will take you and it’s yours as often as you like for as long as you like.  Beaches in Mexico are public so if the public could get here they could also snorkel here but it’s very difficult to get to this area without being a guest or walking from a very far away area.

Club Med All-Inclusive Activities

Club Med Cancun offers a very wide range of land and water activities that you won’t find anywhere else.  

First there’s water skiing which is included as part of the all-inclusive program at no additional cost.  You can waterski or wakeboard all you want.  There are 5 boats available, all of the equipment and instructors or GO activity directors available to help.

Snorkeling with equipment is available any time.

Bocci ball, horseshoes, basketball, beach volleyball and more activities are going on all the time.

Trampoline and trapeze are available for guests of all ages.  In the morning, the trampoline and trapeze are open for children.  In the afternoon, adults get to play!  Trained GO staff are there to help get everyone acquainted with the equipment and help them have a lot of fun.  Kids absolutely love this and it’s always a huge hit!

Planned activities go on all the time.  Any GO around the resort will help you to know what is happening and the schedule - just ask!

Unique Location

Club Med Cancun is located on the white sandy beaches of Cancun so on the hotel zone beach you’re the last resort so you have no traffic other than guests and staff.  No beach vendors or other guests to crowd the beaches.  And you have an amazing panoramic view of the hotel zone.  On the other beach, around the rocky tip, you’ll have the snorkeling beach which is part area of rock and then gives way to a great sandy beach area where you can sit and relax.

This out-of-the-way location is great because you’re so close to the airport and the city but yet you feel very far removed.  It’s like a secluded Mayan Riviera Resort right in Cancun!

Great Kids Activities for all ages

Club Med is known for activities for children of all ages.  Groups are split up by ages with the babies club from 4 months to 2 years; then a group from age 2 to 4; a group from 4 to 11 years and a group from 12 to 18 years.  Different gathering areas and different activities are available for each group.  A fee applies for the younger ages but in comparison to nanny fees or babysitting fees at other resorts, this one is quite reasonable.  Pajama party nights are also available until 2 am so parents can get an evening to themselves to enjoy!

GO Staff

Always one of the best features of Club Med are the very attentive and very friendly GO staff.  They’re everywhere and well recognizable and always ready to help you with whatever you need.  The GO staff is so accessible and you’ll find many of them hanging out with guests and even enjoying a meal with them.  The GO staff do truly make your vacation here memorable.

Sharon, November 2012

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