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November 7, 2012

Luxury All-Inclusive Secrets Maroma Beach Guest Review

Luxury All-Inclusive Secrets Maroma Beach Guest Review

This is the e-mail a client of mine sent to me after she and her husband returned from Secrets Maroma Beach and I think it summarizes their trip very well:

We LOVED our vacation.  It was amazing!  I cried when we left the property!  It really exceeded our expectations - here were some of the things that we loved most:

*The quality of the beach really cannot be overstated.  It is the most beautiful beach we've seen.  We rented a beach bed on the third day of our stay and loved it so much that we rented one again two days later.  The beach + the beach bed experience was a highlight of our week.  Please encourage anyone you send there to book at beach bed; the $40 is a bargain for the experience.  On our next-to-last night, we booked a candlelit dinner on the beach, which was beautifully romantic and delicious (surf and turf!)  It was absolutely worth what we paid for it.  In short, the on-site extras beat any excursion!

*We booked a couples massage at the spa, and it was a wonderful experience.  The spa is tops in beauty, accommodation and service of any I've been to (and I'm a spa-treatment regular.)  We enjoyed using the hydrotherapy circuit together on the day of our treatment, and my husband enjoyed it on one other day as a benefit of our Preferred Club status.  The spa at Secrets Maroma should not be missed!

*Food was really good.  Our favorites were the French restaurant and the steakhouse, but exceeding our expectations was the Secrets Special Chef's Night on the final night of our stay.  This reservations-only dinner was held in their ballroom and in order to make reservations you had to purchase a bottle of wine (we were fine with this; the house wine is marginal at best.)  When we arrived, the room was beautifully decorated and candlelit, and we were escorted to our private table with our wine waiting.  Secrets' chefs walked the group through the preparation of each course of the meal and after each instruction, that course was served.  It was SO delicious - and I'm a foodie, so I LOVED the chef's presentations!  While we dined, an ice sculpture artist completed a sculpture and explained how that is done.  We loved every minute of the meal and show.  Afterwards, the entertainment staff (which is top notch!) presented their Zumanity show, which was our favorite show of the trip.  It was VERY hard to leave after this terrific night!

*We had seen reviews about the "loud Americans" hanging around the pool late in the day and disturbing others.  We saw some of that going on (and as Americans, were completely horrified) but when the crowd started to get rowdy, we retired to our swim-up pool at the suite.  I've seen some reviews where people said this was a useless feature.  Not to us!  We used it everyday and sometimes multiple times per day.  The swim-up was beautiful, relaxing and mostly private.  I appreciated that we could listen to our own music with the iPod player while we were out there, and a couple mornings we had room-service breakfast and ate on the patio.  It was gorgeous and worth any upgrade we paid for it.

*We used the Preferred Club lounge daily to check e-mail, grab a coffee and before dinner, a cocktail.  It was lovely.

I think you can tell that we had a great time and would go back in a heartbeat.  I appreciate the excellent service and information you provided all along the way!  You've got a new customer for life.

We're thinking about possibly booking a quick, three-night trip with another couple to Cancun or Playa for the August timeframe.  Can you recommend some all-inclusives that would be nice but not quite as over-the-top as Maroma?

Many thanks for all you did to help make sure our vacation was fantastic!

What more could I possibly say about a wonderful resort?  Truly Secrets Maroma Beach is amazing as a resort and as a beach location so seriously consider it for your next adults-only vacation on the Mayan Riviera.

Sharon Moormann


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