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November 1, 2012

Are you looking for the best All-Inclusive Resorts?  Book Early!

Are you looking for the best All-Inclusive Resorts?  Book Early!

​What does going to the best all-inclusive resort have to do with booking early?  Lots!  The best all-inclusive resorts are among the most popular choices so they book up first.  

Best time to book?

Many people ask me when the best time to book is and my answer is always to book early.  The best resorts and the best rooms and the best flights are the first to be booked.  Then when people come along later and try to book, they have to settle for the next best and often at a price that’s higher than what the better option would have been earlier.

Non-stop flights

There are a good number of charter or non-stop flights but not nearly as many as there used to be and guess what books up first?  Non-stop flights fill up first! Charters are often less expensive than commercial airline non-stop flights and packages that include charter flights almost always have very low deposits to lock in the price.  

I have never booked a charter package early that has worked out to be cheaper later on.  It always works out cheaper the earlier you book.  And with some charter packages only requiring $50 per person deposit, it guarantees the best option is to book early.

Busy Months February, March and April

Like everyone who lives in a cooler climate area, we all want to get away early in the new year.  If you want to travel well in February, March or April you must book early.  It’s not just the price but it’s availability at the resorts you want.  During these months more people look for very specific all-inclusive resorts - spring breakers, college age groups, family school breaks, couples who are looking for adults only resorts, anniversary celebrations and destination weddings.  Everyone is looking for their own type of resort and some will fill up very fast.  Avoid disappointment by reserving early.

Repeat Customers

There’s one group that fills up a resort like no other and it’s repeat customers.  Many people fall in love with a resort and book there year after year.  They also know exactly what room they want and they are prepared to place a deposit on that room early.  They know the advantages of booking early.


If you are planning a group travel for spring break or just a group of couples getting away together or even a family reunion group, you must book early and book all together.  I cannot stress this strong enough.  Book early and together or someone who plans to arrange this later will be disappointed.

If you wait until the last minute you will be able to book something but it may not be your first choice and you may have to settle for less quality than you hoped but you will still get a hot-weather get away!

So with all of this in mind, grab your calendar and let’s book something now!

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