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October 9, 2012

Stories of Panama

Stories of Panama

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One of the things I like most about participating in an guided tour is the history and the stories that the local guides tell as we cross the country. Here’s one of them from Panama:

We are at the all-inclusive Decameron Resort on the Pacific side of Panama. As we’re walking the beach this morning, our host and guide tells us that the beach house we are approaching was Manuel Noriega’s beach house that he resided in part time while he was still a free man. This beach house is located just a short walk away from the resort but directly across from an island that stories say was used as the locator for drug running. This island has a large cross on it’s highest point that used to be lit up at night and that cross was what the drug cartels used to locate the right spot to come on shore and drop their drugs....conveniently located across from Noriega’s beach house...

The photo shows exactly what we see from the beach - barbed wire and overgrown property in disrepair...so the story could be true!

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