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October 8, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Panama

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Panama

​Sharon’s Top 5 Reasons to Visit Panama

1.  The Panama Canal - the 50 mile long canal runs between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.  You can observe the locks in operation from the visitor center at Miraflores Locks where you will have a chance to learn about the history of the canal in the visitor center and watch the locks in operation from the observation deck.  Or, we can arrange for you a canal crossing by small boat where you will experience all three locks and Chagres Lake.

2.  Great Panama Day Trips - Panama is a small country and there’s a huge variety of day trips available from wherever you choose to stay.  Enjoy unique experiences such as jungle hikes, white-water rafting, visit an Embra Indian Village, jungle canopy zip lines, deep sea fishing and much, much more.

3.  Rain Forest Jungle Experience - Panama City lies near some of the most accessible rain forest in the world with many trails within a short distance from the city or from your hotel.  Panama has over 900 species of birds as well as iguanas, snakes, crocodiles, caymans and many different animals such as sloths and howler monkeys.

4.  Amazing Fresh Local Fruit - Panama is where you’ll find the juiciest and sweetest pineapple, Rambutan, Dragon Fruit, Star Fruit, Papaya, Melons and so much more - you’ll enjoy it everywhere!

5.  The Money - Panama uses US currency at the same rate as the Balboa so there’s no need to exchange money making pricing quick and easy!

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