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October 2, 2012

Top Travel Tip - Make Travel Easier With Today’s New Gadgets!

Top Travel Tip - Make Travel Easier With Today’s New Gadgets!

​Today I read an article about a robotic suitcase. The “Hop” is a suitcase that operates on bluetooth and follows you around rather than you having to put any effort into pulling it.  Just set it up with your mobile phone and you’re set to go!

Sound appealing?  Of course!  But would I use it?  Not likely...

Airports can be hard enough to maneuver without constantly looking behind me to see if “Hop” is following me.  Can you imagine crossing 3 concourses, stopping for a coffee at Starbucks and turning around and there's no Hop?  Or taking the moving walkway in an airport only to find “Hop” staring at you at the other end waiting or you to me help? Or the washroom...um Hop...could you wait outside?

Let me tell you before I give “Hop” a try it had better have communication ability like Siri because it’s going to need it!

Great idea but I think I’ll stick to my trusty pull-type carry on!

Check it out here:


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