Meet Sharon Moormann, Your All Inclusive Resorts Expert

Sharon Moormann, Expert for All Inclusive Resorts
Sharon Moormann

​It all started in 1997 with a desire to go to Mexico.  After consulting a local travel agent, I was booked for a trip over Christmas to Cancun.  The local travel agent booked me into the Margaritas Hotel in downtown Cancun.  The hotel most certainly was not what I expected – it was a cheap downtown hotel.  I spent the week exploring the city of Cancun, booked numerous excursions around Cancun - saw Chichen Itza and Tulum for the first time, snorkeled at Xel-ha and lots more.  And then one day I hopped on the city bus to go find the beach.  That day changed my life forever.  When I stood on the powder white sandy beaches of Cancun and looked out in amazement at the azul blue waters, I knew I would be back - soon and often.

Since 1997 I've traveled to Cancun and other areas of Mexico every year and sometimes many times a year.  I travel to visit my favorite resorts, to visit friends I've made over the years and for work.  I am fortunate to have many meetings in what I consider one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am fortunate to be friends with both people who have moved there for work and who live there for their work.  

Every time I land in the Cancun International Airport I feel like I'm home.  I love it there and it will always be another home to me. While my first love is Cancun, I have traveled numerous times to other areas of Mexico and the Caribbean.  Each area holds a different charm and a different experience and quite a wide array of wonderful all-inclusive resorts.

Planning Your Dream Vacation Is My Greatest Pleasure

Mexico offers such value - quick and reasonably priced flights, the most friendly, warm hospitable people I've encountered, amazing resorts, culture, sun, sand and so much more!  The Caribbean offers it’s amazing sandy beaches, incredible diving and unique foods and experiences for each area.

Call me at 1-877-505-5515, fill out our price comparison request and it will be our pleasure to personally help you to sort through the destinations and all inclusive resorts.

Let us plan together your dream destination wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or family vacation of YOUR dreams!